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Build a working relationship with your dog,
one tail wag at a time


Upcoming Classes

June 19 - K9 Fantastic Fitness Level 1 @ 6:00
June 24 - Level 1 @ 6:30
June 27 - K9 Fantastic Fitness Level 3 @ 6:00
June 30 - Level 2 @ 1:00
June 30 - Level 1 @ 2:30
June 30 - Level 3 @ 4:00

Get to Know Us

Love Me, Love My Dog Training, LLC is a positive reinforcement dog training facility rooted in the “no force, no fear” method of training. We use clicker training, food, toys, praise and more!

Dogs that are mentally and physically stimulated don't get into trouble. Beyond our basic, intermediate, and advanced classes, we offer therapy dog workshops, and competitive dog sports.


student of the week medal
Karen and Raven
Love Me, Love My Dog offers group training classes, but we also offer private lessons and trouble-shooting sessions tailored to meet the needs of dogs having trouble with
specific behaviors.
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