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At LMLMD, we understand the importance of a well-trained and happy companion, which is why we offer comprehensive training programs while your dog boards with us. While you're at work, on vacation, or just living life, our skilled trainers tailor each session to your dog's individual needs, focusing on everything from basic obedience to specialized commands. With spacious and comfortable accommodations, coupled with plenty of playtime and socialization, your furry friend will thrive in our caring environment. Enjoy peace of mind knowing the trainers are on site 24/7. Choose LMLMD Board & Training for a positive and rewarding experience that will strengthen your dogs abilities, problem solve, and leave your dog tail-waggingly happy!

Peace of Mind

At LMLMD, your dog isn't simply a client; they're a cherished member of our family! We prioritize positive reinforcement training methods, emphasizing a treat-first approach to build positive associations with desired behaviors. When you choose our Board & Train program, your dog will experience comfort and security in our care. Our compassionate techniques guarantee that your dog learns and flourishes, linking desired behaviors with enjoyable rewards in a stimulating and supportive environment!

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