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Our Story

Margi was involved in competition obedience beginning in 1995 with her corgi, Darci. The training process was not geared toward positive reinforcement and Darci didn’t particularly enjoy her time at classes. Once Margi moved to South Carolina in 1998 she found R+ and found the game changer for their relationship. The little corgi with the sad ears and lag in her heeling became a happy, animated teammate and they excelled in competition obedience, therapy work and agility. Margi realized she wanted other handlers to learn the value of R+! LMLMDT was officially formed in 2010.

Importance of  Training 

LMLMD provides a variety of classes at different levels, all based on the "no force, no fear" approach of Positive Reinforcement Training. Our methods incorporate Clicker training, along with incentives like food, toys, praise, and other motivational tools. These classes are designed to create a supportive environment where dogs of all backgrounds and temperaments can thrive, fostering a strong bond between owners and their pets while achieving training goals effectively and happily.

Positive Reinforcement

Whether you're aiming to establish basic house manners or dive into advanced sports with your dog, positive reinforcement training enhances the bond between you and your canine companion. The deep connection forged through effective training is a remarkable benefit of having a well-trained partner by your side. This approach not only strengthens obedience but also cultivates mutual trust and joy in every interaction, making daily routines and activities more enjoyable for both you and your furry friend.

Let’s Work Together

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