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Canine Fitness Training focuses on all five aspects of canine total health: Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Cardiorespiratory and Mental Endurance. During a group or individual session, each dog's goals are determined and a fitness program is designed based on those goals. You will learn how to help your dog through exercises designed to address their goals while staying within their abilities and catering to specific needs or mobility issues. 

*Canine Fitness Training is a compliment to veterinary care and is not meant to treat or diagnose*

Level 1: Fitness Basics

Explore benefits of a fitness program for your canine partner. You will

learn proper form and recognize fatigue while encompassing all five exercise categories & progression steps

Introduction to a variety of exercise equipment: 
o Klimb

o Cato board
o balance pad
o feed pan
o wobble board
o Fit Bone
 Fun behaviors
o touch
o tuck sit
o fold back down
o kickback stand
o circles
o spins
o pivoting

Level 2: Intermediate 


Ready to continue what you and your dog have learned in basic class? Then Level Two class is for you! 

Improve on the importance of duration and an introduction of unstable surfaces to increase difficulty of core behaviors

 Fun behaviors
o hind foot targeting
o pivot
o leg weaves
o backward walking
o pop ups
o elevated limbs with position changes 
o and much more!

Level 3: Advanced

 Build on exercises learned in Level 1 and Level 2

Fun behaviors
o All four paws on
o Figure eight around cones
o Bow to stand
o Spin and turn on balance equipment
o Pivot to side stepping

o Tuck sit to kick back stand
o and much more!

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